Installation of Barrisol® stretch ceiling in a private swimming pool in the presidential palace - Kazakistan

Astana, Kazakhstan

Barrisol® installed in bright strips on ceiling and in colums - Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Barrisol® opaque finish installed in a Mosque - Kazakhstan

Astana, Kazakhstan

Installation of translucent Barrisol® ceilings in a control room - Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Printed walls installed in an office - Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

About Us

SAVI Srl, From 2001 quality and experience in the field of interior finishes

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Savi srl offers a multy-year experience in the planning and realisation of every kind of false ceiling: traditional plasterboard finish, stretch ceiling, brightness ceiling, metal ceiling, acoustic partitions, plasterboard and mineral fibre ceilings. Savi is the Italian company that introduced Barrisol stretch ceiling in Italy in 1996 and it is today the main partner of French production house in our country.

Savi S.r.l. realised an important number of national and international references, with the partnership of important studies of architecture: Norman Foster, Peter Eisenman, Piero Castiglioni, Finmeccanica, Massimiliano Fuksas, Fabio Novembre, Molteni, Nicoletti, Fincantieri, Kaplisky, Giorgio Armani, Virgin Active, Fiat S.p.A, Ferrari, Euromobil, Zanotta and many others.


Licenced Barrisol® retailer

Why do you choose Savi for your stretch ceiling?

Entrast you with the experience of Savi for an element of your furniture that adapts itself to every locatiion.



We install a stretch ceiling in a day, without dirty and there is not the need of building actions. Quick of employment and facility of cleaning during all phases of installation.


Reducing the height of ceiling; thanks to the installation of stretch ceiling you can reduce the loss of heat, the thermal bridge and increase the power of thermal isolation.


Furniture elements follow last trends to modernise or decorate without limits of use thanks to the big variety of textiles, colours and finishes.


You can choose an acoustic stretch ceiling for every location to improve the listening, the auditory comfort and to reduce the stress.


The best way to propagate the light in an uniform and constant manner; the stretch ceiling allows to have a bright light with an effect durable in the time.


Thanks to the elevated not-permeability the stretch ceiling creates a reliable barrier for water infiltrations and so it prevents the creation of mould and mushrooms.

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