Savi is an Italian company specialized in custom-made interior finishes.
In particular, it takes care of the design and installation of stretch ceilings but it is able to install any kind of false ceilings-plasterboard, bright ceilings, ceiling in mineral fiber, acoustic ceilings.
Savi works in all the world but an important and foreign client is the market of the Middle East. For this reason, a few years ago, the company chose to open a secondary office in Abu Dhabi (UAE) with the purpose to satisfy in short times and effectively the local customers.
With the help of qualified workers and an efficient customer care, Savi is able to answer quickly to all the requests of the customer. Savi can formulate offers “ad hoc” for the client responding within 24 hours and giving all necessary documentation requested.

The main partner of Savi is BARRISOL®, the inventor and world leader of the stretch ceilings, that Savi introduced for the first time in 1996. This kind of false ceiling is suitable to all places (private, public, commercial) where the client wants to obtain brightness, cleanliness, duration and elegance. The stretch ceiling is tailor-made with the aim to answer to all needs of clients.
The stretch ceiling is appropriate with all the styles and all the decorations, it can be dismantled, changed, replaced at any time and according to needs.
The stretch ceiling satisfies the environmental requirements and safety regulations and we hold all the certificates related to the product.


BARRISOL® stretch ceiling

The stretch ceiling adapts itself to any private, public or commercial location where you search for brightness, cleaning, duration and elegance. SAVI introduced in Italy BARRISOL® stretch ceiling  in 1996. BARRISOL®, with its 40 years of experience, is the inventor of the stretch ceiling. It accompanies all styles and all decorations. It can be disassembled, it can be changed, it can be replaced in every moment on the basis of needs, design and whises. Horizontal, vertical or arch, the stretch ceiling separates, isolates, modifies the places and gives vitality to volumes with its various definitions and more than 200 colours. In a record time, it could hide the imperfections of old ceilings, of fissures, of spots, of pipes, the cables ect… All kind of lamps, ventilations, alarm and protection systems can be applied and they can be installed in every moment. The stretch ceiling is wrapped custom-made, and it can be installed quickly without dirtying and interrupting activities. Non-flammable, class 1 of fire reaction, waterproof, it protects locations against damages caused by possible loss of water. It has a resistance of 150kg/sqm, with a weight of only 180gr/sqm. Antibacterial and antistatic, the stretch ceiling is covered by warranty for 10 years from the end of installation. BARRISOL® copolymer is a material originated by an avant-garde research. It is totally recyclable and class 1, B-s2-d0 (Finition Deer B-s3-d0), and it replies to the strict rules about ambient and security.


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Realisation in plasterboard

SAVI makes available its multy-year experience in plasterboard works, offering solutions tailor-made to your needs: works in interior finishes as partitions and plasterboard ceilings.


The plasterboard, an excellent material in the field of building, thanks to the speed of use and facility of cleaning during the phases of production and installation, allows to modify the spaces and places according to your needs.

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