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Our website uses cookies. Below, you could find more information about cookies, in particular some information about their use in our website and control procedures that we adopt respect to cookies.

Continuing in the web surfing of our website, you agree to the use of cookies, in compliance with this report. If you don’t agree with the use of cookies, we ask you to disable following the instructions you find in this report, with the purpose that cookies don’t be installed in you electrical device (PC, tablet, ect…).


What are cookies?

Cookies are small files of text that are sent in your electrical device (PC, tablet, ect…) during the web surfing in a website. Cookies are returned to the origin website during every following navigation, or are sent in a different website that recognises the specific cookie. They operate as a memory for a website, allowing the website identifies your device in every and following visit at the same site. Cookies permit to memorize your preferences of web surfing giving you a functional experience of the website and making the contents of the website more personalised. You could find more information about cookies, included which cookies are installed in you device and how you could manage and remove them, entering at this link:

Kind of cookies

Cookies “of session” and persistant. We can use cookies with the same duration of the single session of web surfing, that expires in the moment where the session of the browser is closed; or we can use persistant cookies that last more, so over the close of the session of the browser, but for a specific temporal period.


Cookies that are in our website are used for one or more of the following purposes:
Necessary cookies to supply the request service to the client.
Cookies that ghater information about how the user uses a website, what are web pages that the user visits with a big frequency, and if there are error messages that come from the web page.
Cookies that allow to a website to remember the choices that an user do (for example the username, the language or the region of belonging to) and that permit to the user functionalities more personalised.
Cookies that are used to promote services considered important for the user and near his interests. These cookies are used also to limit the number of times where an user see an advertising and to measure the efficacy of an advertising campaign. Our website could allow that cookies of third parts are sat up in services inside it. These cookies are not under our responsibility. For more information about the third part uses cookies, we suggest to visit the website of the third part.  More information about cookies of third parts used in our website, with the description of purposes followed, are reported in the following table.

How do you verify and eliminate cookies

The majority of web browsers accept cookies, but you could usually modify the configuration of the web browser to refuse cookies, to disable the existing cookies or simply to be informed where a new cookie is sent to your device.

With the purpose your browser rejects cookies, you could refer to the instructions provided by your provider of the browser (generally inside the menu “Help”, ” tools” or “Modify”).  A detailed guide could be found at the website

Make attention that, if you refuse or disable cookies, some functionalities of the website could be lost. In addition, disabling cookies or categories of cookies, the cookie is not eliminated in your browser. You have to eliminate it throught your browser.

Modification in our use of cookie

Every modification to the use of cookie for this website will be publicized here, and, if necessary, it will be signaled in appropriate sections of our website underlined each modification.

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