Barrisol® opaque finish installed in a Mosque – Kazakhstan

Astana, Kazakhstan

We occupied of the installation of Barrisol® stretch sheet in an important mosque in Kazakhstan. In fact, this material could be adapted in every modern style and it allows to readjust and redecorate ruined ceilings of places of worship and preserve their traditional aspects. One famous example is the biggest mosque built in Astana, in Kazakhstan. We installed in every dome of this place, the Barrisol® sheets printed with oriental images. In total there are more than 136 ceilings (a total of 2500 sqm) printed in stretched ceilings Barrisol Xtrem® White Opaque 01010 finish. The stretch ceiling improves the acoustic comfort and it can be installed in a short time and without damage the walls. It is available in any shape, colour; The prints are customized and they are chosen directly by the customer.