Installation of tranlucent elements in ceiling and wall

Ineco Auto S.p.A., Via Flavio Gioia, Verona, VR, Italia

Installation of translucent and printed elements in the ceiling and wall, with personalized graphics installed in Ineco Auto of Verona, official car dealership Ferrari and Maserati. The choice to give to Savi the installation of stretch ceilings installed in ceiling or wall is the reply to the need to transmit the image of this car dealership. Barrisol® stretch ceilings allow to personalise styles and structures, helping in this way to make a place more elegant, institutional and more friendly.  The host of people in a pleasant place thanks to the well-finished design and to a studied project could make the difference. By the use of a translucent finish you could guarantee the possibility to spread the 70% of lighting produced from a bright source: to realise back illuminated surfaces without comparison.